Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Way Forward

It's been too long since I last updated.  May slipped past without much time for contemplation, and June was bidding fair to do the same.

Funding is continuing apace.  Every time I get frustrated and begin to worry I won't get everything raised, someone comes along and astounds me with their generosity.  Priests are harder to track down than I'd hoped, but once I've made contact with one, they've been universally supportive.

In just over half a week's time, I'll be in training, back with an incredible group of people.  Our discernment retreat was like lightning in a bottle, or the words to an old Muppets' song: "There's not/ A word yet/ For old friends/ Who've just met./ Part heaven/ Part space/ Or have I/ Found my place?"  A part of me will always imagine us as we were: sitting in a line of rocking chairs, looking out over the water, and talking for hours on end.

Now we come back together, and it will be a new community, a new chance to learn and grow with each other.  We will separate again afterwards, and won't all be in the same place, or even the same continent, until after everyone's year of service has ended.  At that point, we will be a new community again, changed and deepened by our year of growth.